Who is Madison Moore? Age, Height, Career

Madison Moore
Madison Moore

Greetings from the world of American actor, director, and writer Madison Moore. She is a gifted and multifaceted person. Madison is a rising star in the entertainment world with an excellent career that includes movies like Marvelous Mandy, Awesome County, USA, and The Zeroes 2. Madison was born in New York City, USA, and her early love of acting and storytelling inspired her to seek a career in the arts.

Madison Moore’s age is still a mystery as of 2024, which further heightens her appeal and curiosity. But worry not—this page has all the information you want on Madison Moore, including her wiki, bio, family history, dating history, and even some little-known facts. Come explore the life and career of the gifted Madison Moore with us.

Who is Madison Moore?

American actress, writer, and director Madison Moore has gained notoriety in the entertainment industry. Her most well-known roles are in movies like “Marvelous Mandy” and “The Zeroes 2.” Moore is not only an amazing actress but also a skilled filmmaker, as shown in the movie “Awesome County, USA.”

Outside of the camera, Moore is renowned for her captivating demeanor, which has captured the affections of both fans and business insiders. Born and raised in New York, Madison’s creative energy has always been a major factor in her success.

Moore maintains her modesty in the face of celebrity, appreciating the little things in life and juggling her successful Hollywood job. Stay tuned for more thrilling installments in Madison Moore’s journey—a dynamic artist.


Madison Moore’s early years in New York fostered her love of the arts, but her scholastic path helped her hone her abilities. Following her high school graduation, Moore pursued her interest in acting and filmmaking, which brought her to The Juilliard School, one of the most esteemed performing arts institutions in the nation.

Madison is one of the youngest directors to graduate from this prestigious school, having developed her acting skills and mastered the nuances of directing here. She added even more creative experience to her resume by taking part in many theater shows.

Moore continued her schooling after graduating from Juilliard, specializing in screenplay writing, to make sure she was qualified for a variety of positions in the business. Moore became the multi-talented artist we know today largely because to this thorough and committed schooling.

Professional Path

Madison Moore’s professional path is evidence of her skill and commitment to the field. Madison swiftly established herself in the entertainment business upon her graduation from The Juilliard School, making her feature debut in the independent film “The Zeroes 2.” Because of the positive reviews for her performance, she was able to get bigger parts in films like Marvelous Mandy and Awesome County, USA.

In the latter, she made her feature film directing debut, demonstrating her adaptable camera skills. Soon after, Moore began writing, and both reviewers and audiences were enthralled with her works. Her narrative skills have enhanced the relatability and attraction of the characters she plays on film by giving them depth and nuance.

Moore’s career has continued to rise in Hollywood because of her unwavering brilliance, hard work, and commitment. She pushes limits, tests her abilities, and discovers new aspects of the film industry with every new production. As she forges forward in the field, Madison serves as an inspiration to up-and-coming artists. Madison Moore has boundless skill and perseverance, so the possibilities are endless.

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Measurements Of The Body And Appearance

Height160 cm
1.60 m
5 ft 3 in
Weight50 KG
110 lbs (pounds)
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlond
Figure Size34B-26-36
Dress Size38 (EU)
Shoe (Feet) Size7

Even at her little height of 5 feet 3 inches (1.60 meters), Madison Moore has an alluring aura that belies her height. Madison’s weight of around 110 pounds (50 kg) is evidence of her commitment to fitness and healthy living.

Her dazzling blue eyes, which never fail to enchant audiences, go well with her blond hair. Madison’s 34B-26-36 body size highlights her lovely shape even more. She typically wears shoes in a size seven and dresses in a size 38 (EU). Madison is a devotee of body art, and her tattoos all contribute to her entire character by telling different stories.

Fascinating Information

  • Madison Moore’s varied cultural upbringing has allowed her to speak English, Mandarin, and French with ease.
  • Madison does yoga every day for both physical and emotional well-being, despite her hectic schedule.
  • Her passion for narrative was sparked by her best novel, To Kill a Mockingbird.
  • Madison’s training as a ballet dancer is an additional accolade for her creative abilities.
  • She freely admits to being a coffee addict and begins each morning with a cup of her preferred blend.
  • A short narrative Madison created in the fifth grade served as her first screenplay.
  • She has a golden retriever called Sunny and is an avid pet owner.
  • Madison enjoys traveling and draws inspiration from other environments and civilizations.
  • She views Meryl Streep as a role model and is a huge admirer of hers.
  • The mystery-thriller film genre is her favorite as it presents the most challenges and rewards for a performer.
  • Madison utilizes her position to spread awareness and is in favor of environmental protection.
  • She reads a lot and meets with her pals for book clubs.
  • Madison often displays her ability to play the piano on stage.
  • She often dresses in throwback fashions since she is passionate about old fashion.
  • Madison finds cooking at home to be soothing, even if she is well-known.

Final Words

Madison Moore is the epitome of brilliance, adaptability, and perseverance. She continues to be a source of inspiration for aspiring artists with her thriving acting, directing, and writing careers. Her path is proof of her extraordinary commitment and shows how goals may come true with a strong desire, hard work, and education.

Madison has remained true to herself, enchanting her admirers with a genuineness that has carried her from New York to Hollywood. Madison skillfully manages to reconcile her personal life, her on-screen persona, and her advocacy for diversity as an off-model.

As we marvel at her enthralling performances and anticipate her next endeavors, let us honor Madison Moore, an artist who is multifaceted and vibrant. Her tale is still being told, adding new layers to her character and profession every day.

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